February 7, 2017 @ 1:01 PM

Recession/COVID Proof Business:  Start a Safety Training Center and get Financial Freedom while serving your community by teaching CPR, First Aid, & Advanced Cardiac Life Support.
How to Start, Run & Grow a Safety Training Center Business by [Linnea Stonebraker]
People die every day in this country because those around them don’t know what to do when they collapse from sudden cardiac arrest and stroke.  Experts tells us that if more people were trained in CPR and first aid more people would live.  If you have to wait for the paramedics to arrive, you might not make it.
This book covers the need and how to meet it and make a good profit doing so, in every community for more instructors to teach CPR, first aid, and the advanced courses in resuscitation science needed by healthcare professionals.  Most healthcare professionals must retake these courses every two years in order to work thus providing a steady stream of customers to the Safety Training Center in both good or bad economic times.  Make money while providing essential training to your community.
The author, is the owner of one of the largest Safety Training Centers in the United States.  She shares her experience starting this business in her living room and growing into one of the biggest Safety Training Centers.  She tells how you could do the same by following her step-by-step instructions which cover the details of how to get started, marketing, equipment and training needed, and how to grow.  She tells how she discovered that even when the economy turned down her business kept growing because healthcare professionals have to take these classes every two years or they can’t work.
No special skills are needed, just a desire to start a business that can give back to your community and provide freedom from the grind of being someone else’s employee.  This is something you can start in your spare time and keep your day job while you grow your own business.  Having your own Safety Training Center business can be the start of a new era in your life.
You can purchase this fabulous book on Amazon at:  How to Start Run and Grow a Safety Training Center Business
About the Author:   Linnea Stonebraker RN, PhD has been a registered nurse for more than thirty years.  After more than two decades providing direct patient care in mostly critical care areas, she started her own business in 2003 in her living room.  This business has grown every year since and she has now written the definitive book on how to do what she does.  Her dream is to share the experience and the things that she has learned with others who are looking for the freedom that owning their own business brings and want to own a business that gives back to their local communities.  Her emphasis has always been on ‘no stress’ education because she has found that when the student is relaxed and having fun in the class they will retain the information for a longer period of time.  In the field of resuscitation science this is critical since students usually only take these classes every two years.  Therefore, you want them to retain the information and skills learned in the class.  
Linnea Stonebraker RN, PhD is an exciting speaker and motivator and now she is sharing how she does what she does in this book.  In 2013, the last year that they gave out this award, the American Heart Association awarded her company the Top 1% award.  She says that all the credit and all the glory go to our Creator God, who has shown favor on all her efforts.