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Current NRP Classes

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Please read all of the options carefully and then click on the Register Now link to register for your NRP class at the location and date of your choice.  When you click on the Register Now link you will be taken to our Course Registration page.  Please use the drop down Sort Code menu to choose your location for your NRPclass i.e. NRP N. California or NRP S. California.   Click on Search and then scroll down to find the location and dates that are best for you.    

NRP-Neonatal Resuscitation Provider.  Amercian Academy of Pediatrics, AAP, the supervising organization for NRP has changed the format of the NRP course effective January 1, 2012.  This is now a three-part course that is open to all new, expired, or current NRP card holders.  The first part of the course is the self-study of the The Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation 6th edition.. Many students who work in the labor and delivery, NICU or in neonatology will find that they are already very familiar with the NRP Guidelines and do not need to spend as much time in self-study. However, if this material is new or unfamiliar many students find that studying the new sixth edition Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation that  covers all of the latest guidelines for neonatal resuscitation to be helpful preparation for the online exam and the classroom skills demonstration and scenario practice.  The textbook is not included with this course but is available for purchase separately as either a softcover book or in an e-book version or you may be able to borrow it from your hospital library or nuring education department.   

In the previous NRP course, the majority of time was invested in lectures and a proctored exam. In this new model, self-study of the textbook and DVD and completion of the exam prior to the course frees up time for more valuable learning activities, including demonstration, discussion, hands-on practice, skills evaluation, and simulation and debriefing.  

The second part of the NRP course is the NRP Online Exam.  There are nine quizzes that cover  ALL 9 chapters of the Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation.  Prior to attending the third part of the course a student MUST complete successfully all 9 portions of the Online NRP Exam (1 portion for each chapter in the Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation).  We strongly urge that the student do the self-study of the Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation as the NRP Online Exam only allows the student one retake of any portion of the NRP Online Exam if the student does not pass the first time.  After two failures of any part of the NRP Online Exam the website will close down and in order to restart the NRP Online Exam the student will have to register again and retake and pass all 9 portions of the NRP Online Exam.

The third part of the course is  the mandatory classroom portion including demonstration, hands-on practice, skills evaluation , simulation and debriefing. The student must successfully pass all 9 portions of the required NRP online exam before participating in the classroom portion of this class.  After you register for your classroom portion you will be directed to the NRP website to register for the mandatory NRP Online Exam that you must complete prior to taking the classroom portion.  You must complete your classroom portion within 30 days of completeing your NRP Online Exam. The student will be expected to demonstrate basic neonate resuscitation skills and participate in a team resuscitation and debriefing.  Successful completion of the online exam and the skills demonstration will result in the student receiving the American Academy of Pediatrics/AHA NRP card.  All skills sessions begin at 4 p.m. at all locations.

Current NRP Classes

Northern California locations (click on city name to go to registation page for that location)

Sacramento            San Francisco             San Jose

Stockton                  Vacaville                 Walnut Creek

Southern California location 

Colton/Loma Linda        

Register NOW Oregon Locations include: Cottage Grove or we come to you for private classes.


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