February 28, 2018 @ 3:28 PM

Worry is like a rocking chair, back and forth you go, but you never go anywhere.  You're constantly in motion and busy but you don't accomplish anything or get anywhere. In fact, if you keep doing it for too long you will wear out!

Trusting God allows us to enter His rest--a place of peace where we are able to enjoy life while we are waiting for God to solve our problems.  He cares for us; He has promised that He will solve our problems and meet all our needs. (Phil 4:19).  We have a part to play and that is we are to demonstrate our faith in Him by not worrying and choosing to not keep thinking about all of our problems and needs.

Now I realized that it much easier to say this than to do it.  However, I can guarantee you from experience that if you will choose to thank Him for the help that is coming instead of worrying about when it is going to get here, you will sleep much better at night.  This is not a skill that I learned overnight, but it is a skill that can be learned over time. 

Next time you catch yourself worrying about a situation, take it to your Father in Heaven and ask Him to take care of it.  Then thank Him for doing so.  Note: I didn't say tell Him how to fix the situation.  Sometimes you will find that His solution is so much bigger and better than anything you could ever dream of it will blow you away.  Let God be God!  Your part is to stay in relationship with Him and do what He guides you to do each day. (Is. 30:21)  Once you have done everything that you can for a particular situation and you have asked God to help you must choose to relax and wait for Him to move.  Learning to live this way will enable you to have a life full of God's favor and free from worry, anxiety, and fear.