September 5, 2023 @ 12:46 AM

Psalms 37:5 says “Commit everything you do to the Lord.  Trust Him and He will help you.”  I don’t know about you but getting the Creator of the universe to help me get through each day is an amazing blessing and resource to be able to tap into. As I get older, I am impressed with the futility of trying to do things by myself.  In the past when I have tried to get things done on my own I frequently fell far short of my dreams and goals.  In recent years, as I have learned to turn over to Him not only my big dreams, goals, and wishes, but also my daily challenges I have found that not only do I accomplish so much more, but I also have peace doing it.  Why don’t you try it today?  You might be surprised at the blessings that come your way that you weren’t expecting!