March 19, 2023 @ 1:54 PM

Help for These Troubled Times.

James 1:5 says that “the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.  In 2 Cor. 5:21 Paul tells us that Jesus gives us His righteousness so that we may be seen as righteous by the Father.  That means that when I stay connected to Jesus my prayers are powerful and effective.  Yours can be too if you just invite Jesus to be your Savior and Friend. 

Another way we can be more effective in appealing to God in times of trouble is to join together in prayer.   In Matt. 18:19, Jesus said, “If any two of you agree touching any matter on this earth, it shall be done.”  If you have any situation for which you need prayer please email me at and we will add your request to our daily prayer list.  Over the years I have seen many impossible situations resolved in miraculous ways as a response the my prayers and those of my friends and family.  God is faithful, dear friend.  He wants His best for you and He is just waiting for you to ask for His help today.  Don’t miss out on life’s best, ask Jesus to take over your life and lead you into His best today.